Hall of Fame

Everyone here has walked the Offa's Dyke Path. They all have great stories to tell. If you have completed the walk in the past and would like to appear here then get in touch with the Offa's Dyke Trail team to let them know. Once you have completed the walk you are free to join our fabulous Hall of Fame and receive your free keyring.

If you’re about to set off on your journey simply download the Completion Card on this page and get it date stamped at the start and end of your journey, and at least three locations along the way.  It can be stamped at post offices, pubs, bed and breakfasts and other public venues.  Send your completed card back to us at the address on the card and we’ll send you details on how you can appear in the Hall of Fame.

Michelle Gollins

Completed Date - 14/10/2019

Jasmin & Frank Thiel

Completed Date - 27/09/2019

Gina & Ali Davies

Completed Date - 29/07/2019

Ronald Edwin Heath

Completed Date - 18/07/2019

Peter Riley

Completed Date - 18/07/2019

Janette armstrong

Completed Date - 18/07/2019

Paul Cherrett

Completed Date - 18/07/2019

William Manship

Completed Date - 12/07/2019

Tim Couchman & Chris Hornby

Completed Date - 22/05/2019

David Gray

Completed Date - 18/05/2019

Martin Turner

Completed Date - 16/05/2019

Muddy Boots

Completed Date - 15/05/2019

Jeff Floyd

Completed Date - 14/05/2019

Cindy Edwards, Nichola Southern, Emma Dicks, Sandy Dicks, Becky Stock & Joanne Carwardine

Completed Date - 04/05/2019

Kara and Ben

Completed Date - 21/04/2019

Julie & Stephen

Completed Date - 21/04/2019

Nia albiston

Completed Date - 24/03/2019

Gordon Hughes

Completed Date - 24/03/2019

Angela, Dawn & Dyanne

Completed Date - 10/03/2019

John Admans

Completed Date - 23/10/2018