Gina, with my Mum, Ali DaviesCompleted the walk on 29th August 2019This was the longest walkie my Mum has ever taken me on. There were so many exciting new places and smells to explore, and my Mum really enjoyed walking along the ancient remains of the Dyke, the magnificent views and meeting so many friendly faces along the way. I got to carry my own backpack, which helped Mum out, and meant I got lots of attention from passers by.The styles were a problem for me for a while. Falling off them backwards with my pack on was not very dignified,  but once I mastered the technique I was flying over them, some in one great big leap.At the end of the walk we both got our feet wet in the sea. Mum didn't mind, she had boots on, I wasn't impressed though.I have since heard her talking about another adventure. I wonder where she will take me next time€¦ 

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