Working with project partners across the UK and France to develop new and exciting sustainable tourism experiences that bring our wonderful routes and trails together with expert local guides and nearby businesses.

What is the EXPERIENCE Project?

The North Downs Way National Trail worked on the EXPERIENCE project alongside Kent Downs AONB and co-funded by the European Union European and Regional Development Fund. We aim to bring together incredible local businesses and outdoor activities in Kent and Surrey with our wonderful routes and trails to create new sustainable tourism itineraries. We hope this will encourage locals and visitors to discover the many special spaces, wonderful walks, knowledgeable locals and eco-friendly businesses that want to welcome you to explore the wonderful countryside around us.

What is Sustainable Tourism?

The EXPERIENCE approach is based on the principle of sustainable tourism. As well as generating economic prosperity, the project aims to bring benefits to the environment and communities, and to mitigate any impact of increased visitor numbers. The project will achieve this by enhancing protected habitats, using low-carbon options, e.g. solar and automated lighting and heating, using local suppliers to reduce food miles and opting for recycled materials for signs and surfaces. Revenue generated in the regions will be fed back into the local economy to protect and maintain its historical and cultural attractions.