Offa's Dyke Path Circular and Linear Walks

If you're not looking for a long distance walk but would like to enjoy the delights of the Trails then we have a superb selection of shorter circular and linear walks.

Rail2Trail Walks

Enjoy this series of short walks starting at train stations.

Rail2Trail Chepstow to Sedbury and Back

Rail2Trail Chepstow to Tintern Circular

Rail2Trail Chirk Circular 1

Rail2Trail Chirk Circular 2

Rail2Trail Knighton and Norton Circular

Rail2Trail Knighton to Stowe Circular

Rail2Trail Prestatyn Hills Circular

Rail2Trail Welshpool Circular

Irresistible Offa Walks

A series of short walks exploring archaeology, history and heritage along the trail.

Irresistible Offa Churchstoke

Irresistible Offa Knighton

Irresistible Offa Llanymynech

Irresistible Offa Llanymynech Short

Irresistible Offa Montgomery East

Irresistible Offa Montgomery West

Irresistible Offa New Radnor

Irresistible Offa Presteigne Country

Irresistible Offa Presteigne Town

Offa Hoppa Walks

Take the Offa Hoppa bus to explore more of the beautiful countryside with this series of walks.

Offa Hoppa 1: Walton to Kington

Offa Hoppa 2: Titley to Kington

Offa Hoppa 3: Presteigne to Kington

Offa Hoppa 4: Norton to Knighton

Offa Hoppa 5: Knucklas to Knighton

Offa Hoppa 6: Five Turnings to Knighton

Walking With Offa

A series of walks with spectacular views and glimpses of history, wildlife and archaeology.

WWO 1: Quarries and Woodland, 4.5 Miles, Pontesbury

WWO 2: Dormice and Archangels, 4 Miles, Hope Valley

WWO 3: Tranquillity and tree tops, 4 Miles, Bromlow Callow

WWO 4: Red Kites and Curlew, 4.5 Miles, Prolley Moor

WWO 6: Brown Hares and Buzzards, 6.5 Miles, Oakeley Mynd

WWO 7: Ancient hill forts and woodlands, 6 Miles, Bury Ditches

WWO 8: Border country and a taste of Offa's Dyke, 4 Miles, Graig Hill

WWO 9: Meadows and woods, 5.5 Miles, Darky Dale

WWO 10: Ravens and Skylarks, 6 Miles, Bucknell and Stowe Hill

WWO 11: Offa's Dyke and the top of the world, 9.5 Miles, Bucknell

WWO 12: Riverbank and Otters, 5 Miles, Redlake and Teme

WWO 13: The 'Land of Dereliction' in the shadow of the Devil's Chair, 5.5 Miles, The Bog and Stiperstones

WWO 14: Forests and industry, 7 Miles, Pontesbury

WWO 15: A Golden Valley in the foothills of the Long Mynd, 6.5 Miles, Darnford Valley

WWO 16: High up on Cothercott Hill following ancient tracks, 4.5 Miles, Picklescott

WWO 17: Battlestones and Sharpstones, 4.5 Miles, Cardington Moor.

WWO 18: Wenlock Edge and the Farmland of Ape Dale, 4.5 Miles, Wenlock Edge

WWO Days Out 1: In and around Church Stretton

WWO Days Out 2: In and around Craven Arms

WWO Days Out 3: In and around Ludlow

WWO Days Out 4: In and around Bishop's Castle