Back in April a group of 24 women set off to complete Offa's Dyke on Easter Sunday. Due to work commitments team members stayed different lengths of time and 6 completed the whole walk  in 13 days. We had the most unbelievable experience through out this time. It saw us through injury, illness, commaradery and commitment to complete the path but was one of the best things I've ever done. We climbed EVERY style even those random ones in the middle of fields with nothing around it! We had an awesome back up crew who took our camping gear onwards, and we did a mixture of camping, B&B's and hostels which was a great way of experiencing the walk and meeting others too. During the walk we were raising money for a refuge in Peru, project Perú. Our aim was £7000 ( Their monthly running costs) however we raised £11000  The journey was not only physical but mentally challenging at times and also we all found a different perspective to the busy lives we lead back at home and some big life changes were made. It also created a super group now called Wander Women who will now walk many other places, with other National trails, Northern Ireland and Camino de Santiago already in our sites.  

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