I had completed walking the Wales Coast path in 2018, over a 5 year period, and thought walking Offa's Dyke path was the most obvious choice of trail to walk next.I started walking Offa's Dyke path in Spring 2019.I walked it in 16 sections over the summer months staying at B&Bs along the way.The scenery was great and I met a lot of walkers from overseas, quite a few Australians, one from LA, one from the Netherlands & one from Germany. I walk solo and find that people stop and talk to you more than if you walk with a companion. I like that.I had great weather aside from a couple of days, the first day from Sedbury Cliffs to Brockweir the weather was drizzly and walking down from Beacon Ring into Welshpool, I got soaked.I found Offa's Dyke path tougher than the Wales coast path because the climbs & descents are longer but was rewarded with the views.Because I am a solo walker, I planned carefully for the more remote areas like Hatterrall Ridge.I enjoyed all of the trail but my favorite part was at the summit of Moel Famau because of the fantastic views & I could see a lot of the North Wales coast which is so familiar to me.I would recommend walking Offa's Dyke path, it's challenging, rewarding, the people are friendly and the route is so well signposted.I can now say I have walked all around the edge of Wales!

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