Tips on planning your upstream winter walk by the Thames

8th January 2020

When you're planning a winter walk along the Thames Path - particularly in the upper reaches near the source and down to Oxford -  there's a chance you'll come across flooding - so before you set out
• check the Flood warnings web page
• check the River Levels web pages 
• check if there are diversions you could make, in case you encounter very muddy or flooded routes

River levels are often high on the River Thames upstream of Oxford. Flooding of low lying roads and land is possible close to the river. It is likely after a period of significant rainfall the upper reaches of the Thames can be waterlogged as the Trail passes through or nearby water meadows.Walkers are advised not to attempt to walk through floodwater as it is not possible to see where the river bank starts.  For up-to-date information on Flooding please visit

Please be aware also that there may be areas of churned up mud especially around gates or where cattle have gathered.

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