Green fields and blue skies on the South Downs Way

Short but busy week

23rd December 2015

This weeks is a short one. I’m off on Christmas Eve so it’s a three day week! However it has felt like I’ve done a weeks work already.

This week I’ve been in meetings, generally about organisational stuff, not very interesting, but yesterday I had a good catch up with my counterpart on the North Downs Way, Peter Morris. The North Downs Way is the closest National Trail neighbor to us here and it’s both useful and important to keep in contact, share ideas, learn from each other and develop shared projects. Yesterday we talked mainly about use of volunteers to help manage the National Trails. We also discussed joint project ideas and the potential to put together a project with some of our European trail partners. It’s always exciting to discuss new projects and potential sources of funding.

Today felt like to days in one. After a few emails and phone calls in the office I was out on the trail with some colleagues installing a new Barn Owl Box. This is one of a number of new Barn Owl boxes we’ve put up this year as part of a wider Barn Owl project. If the box is used, the residents will have a wonderful view across the South Downs Way and along Kingstone Ridge. In the afternoon the Assistant Trail Officer, Ben, and myself went out with the Goggle Trekker equipment to take advantage of the rare dry day. We carried the 22kg equipment from Ditchling Beacon to Black Cap. Not far but in the very limited daylight at the moment we have to grab every opportunity. Although it was dry, it was very windy. The cluster of cameras did act a bit like a sail! We have fingers crossed for a dry and crisp January so that we can get out and capture more of the trail for Googles Trekker project. Ultimately we hope to have the whole of the SDW published as street-view imagery on Goggle maps.

Right, that’s it for me. Have a good Christmas everyone. See you in 2016 to work off some of the Christmas excesses!

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