Why do so many people feel the need to walk the Pennine Way?

10th March 2017

There comes a time when most hillwalkers, faced with day-long horizontal rain or impenetrable grey mist, ask themselves the question: “Why am I doing this?” It has been regularly popping up in the minds of those on the Pennine Way for many years, but still this notoriously challenging and uncompromising trail keeps drawing us back. The Pennine Way’s 50th birthday celebrations in 2015 generated considerable publicity, including a four-part BBC TV series. However, less than 2,000 people a year walk the entire 268-mile route between the Peak District and the Cheviots and its reputation goes before it in a way that no other British walking trail can match. The only way to fathom out whether the plaudits were merited was to lace up my boots at Edale and head for Scotland.

Andrew McCloy explores this question further in his blog post and in his book 'The Pennine Way: The Path, the People, The Journey' published by Cicerone, priced at £12.95. You can buy the book online from the National Trail Shop.

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