Wildfires on Saddleworth Moor

27th June 2018

The incident on Saddleworth Moor is now closed and fire crews have been stood down.

Use of the Trail is not affected.

Despite the recent rain the moorland of the Pennines remains in a vulnerable condition. In these conditions a stray cigarette, discarded glass bottle, BBQ or badly managed stove can cause the moorland vegetation and underlying peat to catch fire. The recent fire near Dove Stone Reservoir on Saddleworth Moor has devasted the landscape around Carrbrook.  Trail users should take the utmost care not to start fires.  If you see a fire contact the Emergency Services.  The quicker the Fire Service can get there the better the chance of putting it out and preventing widespread damage to the moorland

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Saddleworth Wildfire - Joel Goodman
Saddleworth wildfire - Joel Goodman