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8th December 2014

The Cotswold Way is not just a long distance path for long distance walkers. A short walk anywhere along its length will lead you right to the heart of the country's most beautiful and varied landscapes and introduce you to just what the Cotswolds have to offer. From bustling market towns to sleepy villages, from windswept hill tops to sheltered woodlands, from the wildflower-rich grasslands of summer to the unhindered views of winter, a walk one day will never be the same as the next.

Many people however, are often scared of taking a short walk along the National Trail for many reasons. ‘I might get lost’, ‘I don't want to leave a car at each end’, ‘I only want to walk a few miles’, ‘I don't even have a car to get there’ are reasons we often hear for potential walkers missing out on all the benefits of a simple stroll through the Cotswolds.

With this in mind, we have developed a series of short, easy to follow walks on and from the Cotswold Way, designed to guide you smoothly along the National Trail in a series of bit-sized chunks. Each route is designed to be as approachable and convenient as possible – whether you arrive by bus, car or on foot, they all benefit from the high quality standards followed by National Trails across the country. To make them easier to follow, all are marked on the ground with a distinctive green disc (see right), but we still recommend you print off the route description card before you leave.

To access the walks, simply tick the ‘additional walks’ box under the interactive map on the ‘plan your visit’ page, and a series of purple ‘pins’ will appear showing the location of each walk. Click on one of these for all the details.

Alternatively, the routes can be accessed on our sister site here, alongside dozens of other fabulous short walks across the AONB for people of all abilities…

Enjoy your walk!

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Circular walk marker
Walkers on a Cotswold Way circular walk