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6th October 2014

Work on the start / end marker for Chipping Campden has been continuing apace. Read on to see Iain’s progress from the past couple of weeks…

September 22nd:  “There are 409 letters to carve. The seven letters of T S Eliot are half sized making them  a lot quicker to cut. 402 two inch letters. My target is to carve the inscription in four weeks. More or less 100 letters per week. 20 letters a day. It should be easy, but they just won’t go any faster than 4 in an hour. Sometimes only 3 in an hour. 7 every 2 hours. 21 in 6 hours which is a typical daily hit rate, because there is always other stuff that needs doing when you’re running a business.

How did I do last week? 91. Visually nearly a quarter. Not too bad. Plus an eighth short of a couple of concentric circles. I was getting up to speed and lots of things subverted my time. So I think there is still some better performance to find..."

October 5th: Iain has now carved about 70% of the lettering, which is more or less on target - “I took a few pictures as the autumn sunshine reached into the workshop and spilled over the stone. The images relate beautifully to the T S Eliot quote around the outer edge; text, image, light and letters finding a poetic synergy. I was really pleased to have found this quote, as it seems to vividly capture the experience of the Cotswold landscape:

'Now the light falls

Across the open field, leaving the deep lane

Shuttered with branches, dark in the afternoon...'

T S Eliot. “East Coker”, from the “Four Quartets”







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At the end of the first week's carving
Nearly half way
62% - in the afternoon sunshine
Light falls across the field of letters
Now the light falls...