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My Wildlife on the Pennine Way

15th August 2016

My Wildlife along the Pennine Way

By David Carroll

Long-distance walkers who have completed the Pennine Way footpath from Edale in Derbyshire’s Peak District to the wild Cheviot Hills, which straddle Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, usually associate this challenging adventure with some memorable events along the way. The route has incredible history nearby and diverse geology that supports wonderful landscapes, and you can add to this, of course, its specialised treasure of wildlife. It was the latter that compelled me to walk the entire 260 miles or so after taking early retirement.

So, as you will have realised, ‘My Wildlife’ is nothing to do with wild camping which, sadly, is only in my dreams. It is about the wild flowers, birds, and other nature that I saw, without binoculars, on my northbound day-walks along the Pennine Way. Sightings span over five years to 2015, when I thoroughly enjoyed completing Britain’s 50-year-old and, in my opinion, one of the best national trails.

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Northern Marsh Orchid, David Carroll
Wheatear, David Carroll