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The International Appalachian Trail

14th October 2014

I spent last week on the South West Coast path attending the English and Welsh National Trail Officers Forum and the European AGM of the International Appalachian Trail. 'The What?' I hear you say, isnt the Appalachian Trail in the USA?. Well it is of course, but the International Appalachian Trail has an even grander Ambition - to reunite the Appalachian Mountains, which once upon a time ran across the mighty continent of Pangea, before the Mid Atlantic Ridge got involved and broke up the continent and created the Altlantic Ocean.

I love the grandeur of the idea - a trail through the USA, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Scotland, England, Wales, France, Spain, Morroco - all linked by their geological past.

 It seems fitting that the Pennine Way is part of the International Appalachian Trail - 50 years ago its creation inspired by the Appalachian Trail, though I must admit 50 years seems a bit unimpressive by geological timescales!

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