Turtle spotting on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

25th September 2015

The Pembrokeshire Coast is a very special place, little touched by the modern living and intense farming.  It is a perfect habitat for wildlife species rarely seen in other parts of Britain. 

Birds such as choughs and skylarks can be seen, seals and dolphins often make their way along the coast. 

This week there was a very exciting and rare spotting by a walker at Stumble Head.  Looking down into the sea she spotted a leatherback turtle happily swimming along the coastline. 

Weighing up to a tonne and measuring almost three metres in length, these amazing creatures are unlike any other reptile in that they can maintain their own body heat up to 18 degrees centigrade warmer than even the coldest British sea in summer.

According to the BBC Springwatch website 

"Leatherback turtles undertake an enormous migration from the temperate feeding waters to the tropical breeding waters, a journey of over 7,000km. These turtles are increasingly spending time around the coast of Britain because of warming water temperatures and the swarms of jellyfish they prey on" 

Be sure to let us know if you spot him/her on your travels. 




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Leatherback turtle off Stumble Head - Sea Trust Facebook Page
Leatherback turtle off Stumble Head - Sea Trust Facebook page