Roman Camp Circular Walk

Route type: Circular and Linear Walks

The 9 mile route can be followed in either direction, and whichever you choose, you’ll be treated to spectacular views of the North Norfolk coast, intimate woodland paths and sunken lanes as you climb toward the summit of Beacon Hill, also known locally as ‘Roman Camp’. Standing 103 metres above sea level, the hill is part of the Cromer ridge, a line of glacial moraines formed during the last Ice Age. A great challenge for any walker, the climb is worth it not only for the view, but also the unique feeling of reaching the highest point in the whole of East Anglia.

In spite of the name, it’s likely that there was never any Roman occupation on the site. The earthworks that you’ll see on your walk are probably the remains of a signal station built during the Napoleonic Wars. It’s thought that the term ‘Roman Camp’ was actually coined by the drivers of horse-drawn cabs in the late 19th Century as a way of making the area more appealing to tourists. 

Continuing on to Cromer, the walk undulates along hedged tracks between mixed woodland and open fields, before reaching the town and iconic pier. After enjoying the Victorian seaside resort, follow the Norfolk Coast Path back to West Runton beach. Heading along the cliff top with short detours inland, keep an eye out for surfers enjoying the waves and para-gliders launching themselves from the cliffs.