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8th December 2015

Diversions between Crosby - Park Broom; & Sands Centre - Engine Lonning.

Updated 15th January 2016

Refer to 'Plan your visit' and click on 'diversions' for details of the current diversions in the Carlisle area. 

Crosby to Park Broom - until further notice this section is closed following damage to the River Eden flood bank.  Follow the route shown on the notices (download from this website)

Park Broom to the Sands Centre - this section is now open.

Sands Centre to Engine Lonning - this section is closed following catastrophic damage to the River Eden flood bank.  It is is likely to remain closed throughout all of 2016.  Follow the route through Carlisle shown on the notices (download from this website).  Temporary diversion signs notices will shortly be installed. 


25th December

The Environment Agency website provides a live flood warnings service.  Click on the flags for the River Eden at Linstock; Sands Centre; and Sheepmount, for the latest levels and possible flood information for the sections of Trail affected.

Our thoughts are with the people of Carlisle and Cumbra.   

21st December

Thankfully hardly anyone is out on the Trail at the moment (for conservation reasons it is not promoted as a winter Trail) which means that we have a little time to think through and organise the diversions that are going to be necessary.  As of today the Memorial bridge over the river Eden in Rickerby Park, Carlisle, is still closed for engineering assessment. 

The Eden flood bank at Park broom, between Crosby and Linstock, was seriously damaged in the floods - you can see in the photo below (photo bottom of list) how a section of the walked line of the Trail (lighter green grass) previously on the crest of the flood bank, has been lost.  This section of the route remains closed.


16th December

The River Eden level is gradually falling so divers and engineers hope soon to inspect the Rickerby Park Memorial bridge on the Trail, also the A6 Eden road bridge.  The flood bank to the east of Linstock and the river bank to the west of the city will also continue to be monitored for any sign of landslip. 

It is too soon to say where, if or when, or for how long, signed diversions will need to be in place.  However, next week I intend investigating the options and permutations that may be necessary with a view to designing schedules of signing, should they be necessary.  My aim is to maintain a Wallsend to Bowness Trail in 2016.

14th December

The situation today is largely unchanged.  I am waiting to talk to both Cumbria County Council and the landowner regarding the condition of the River Eden floodbank in the Park Broom area, which is to the east of the city - see photo below.

Looking to the future it is clear that diversions are going to be necessary in the Carlisle area.  I will update you as soon as I know more.

11th December

It is going to take a few more days to assess the full extent of the damage caused to the Trail by last weekend's storms.  Sections of flood bank have been completely washed away exposing live high voltage cables and it is clearly going to take some time before the authorities decide how to respond to the situation. All of the foot bridges need to be inspected, some are still submerged and the historic Memorial bridge in Rickerby park has been closed on safety grounds.  A section of Public Right of Way to the west of the Sheepmount Sports Centre has been legally closed on safety grounds. The photos taken today give you some impression of the devastation to the Trail alongside the River Eden in Carlisle. 

Further updates will be posted in due course.

Thanks, Dave McGlade 


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