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Signpost 'fingers' & fund raising - the next step?

22nd August 2015

The sale of our old signpost fingers has been a great success in that we now know that very many of you would like to own one.  The money raised is of course useful but after deducting the VAT due to HMRC the contribution to our funds has so far been only very modest.  We do not have the funding of only a few years ago so in future we will have to charge a realistic price for the fingers that reflects the actual cost of replacing them, taking VAT into account, plus postage. 

However, there may be other ways of producing something that satisfies demand while at the same time helping us to raise much needed funds.  I have asked our supplier to quote a price for a generic finger (see example photo of fingerpost on the Trail) with the 'Hadrian's Wall Path' and acorn on one side only.  They would be made using exactly the same timber and to the same standard as the ones we install with the lettering and acorn painted in white.  The price would be £50 + £15 p&p. (Overseas postage and currency conversion costs, also import arrangements need to be individually quoted).  Each finger would be issued with a certificate of authenticity to confirm that it is genuine.  If there is interest and if people are prepared to pre-pay for them then I will place an order through our supplier.

Auction - what do you think about an occasional on-line auction?  I have just the one finger left with the destination 'Newtown'.

Raffle - This weekend I am delivering a finger to a local pub on the Trail that has agreed to raffle it to raise funds.  If successful it could become a feature each season along the Trail. 

Please let me know what you think either via email or by using Twitter @nationaltrailuk




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