Go Jauntly on the King Charles III England Coast Path

We’ve teamed up with walking and wellness app Go Jauntly and outdoor clothing brand TOG24 to encourage more visitors to the King Charles III England Coast Path. Find out more about the specially curated, family-friendly and free walks below.

Go Jauntly Walk - Dreamy Torrs & Victorian Wellbeing

Go Jauntly Walk - Ferrybridge to Castle Cove Cruise

Go Jauntly Walk - Ilfracombe Seascape - Step Free

Go Jauntly Walk - Ilfracombe Seascape and Old Town

Go Jauntly Walk - Tour Weymouth Beach & Nothe Gardens

Go Jauntly Walk - Trundle High at Torrs & Tunnel Low

Somerset Circular Walks

If you’re not looking for a long distance walk but would like to enjoy the delights of the King Charles III England Coast Path in Somerset, then we have a superb selection of circular  walks that take in sections of the King Charles III England Coast Path.

Somerset: Brean Down Circular

Somerset: Berrow Beach Circular

Somerset: Burnham-on-Sea Circular

Somerset: Apex Park Circular

Somerset: Bridgwater Circular

Somerset: Steart Marshes Circular

Somerset: Stockland Marshes Circular

Somerset: Castles & Coast Way

Somerset: Lilstock Circular

Somerset: Kilton Circular

Somerset: Kilve Circular

Somerset: Quantocks and Coast Circular

Somerset: St Audries Bay

Somerset: Watchet Circular

Somerset: Dunster Circular

Somerset Storywalks

If you’re looking for something a bit different the King Charles III England Coast Path Storywalks offer a skimming stone of interesting facts, myth, history, nature and tales linked to location that can be read aloud to family and friends. They are designed to embellish your experience of our coast.

There are twenty walks in all, and are are accessed on the internet using a tablet or smart phone. As you walk you are guided to stopping points along the route where new chapters in the story are revealed.

For more information download the Storywalks leaflet here.

Somerset: Brean Down Storywalk

Somerset: Berrow Dunes Storywalk

Somerset: Burnham-on-Sea Storywalk

Somerset: Bridgwater Storywalk

Somerset: Combwich Storywalk

Somerset: Steart Marshes Storywalk

Somerset: Stolford Storywalk

Somerset: Lilstock Storywalk

Somerset: Kilve Storywalks

Somerset: St Audries Bay Storywalk

Somerset: Watchet Storywalk

Somerset: Blue Anchor to Dunster Storywalk

Somerset: Dunster Village Storywalk

Somerset: Minehead Hidden History Storywalks

Somerset: Minehead Parks Arboretum Storywalks