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Cotswold Walks is different. We only specialise in self-guided walking holidays in the Cotswolds. Living and working in the area gives us the advantage of knowing many of the accommodation providers personally and after 20 years of being in business the company has developed into the Cotswold's leading specialist. The Cotswold Way is a challenging walk so providing accurate, up to date advice about the most suitable itinerary is very important to us. We provide a detailed guidebook and map to fully explain the route. This includes lunch and dinner options and makes the most of your time whilst out on the trail. We want you to maximise your enjoyment of the walk so we take the hassle out of planning the tour by booking quality, hand picked en-suite accommodations along the trail and moving your luggage each day. Being a local company we feel we can serve our clients better and react quicker should a problem arise. We pride ourselves on our friendly and personalised service and can customise an itinerary to suit your needs. We are not a generalist, we don't cover the whole country, just the bit that matters to us the most; the Cotswolds.

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