We started the trail on a wonderful summer's day at the end of august. We had several reasons to want to walk the Offa's Dyke Path and it was no disappointment.We found the walks not only beautiful, and strenuous by times, but to walk upon history is a wonderful feeling.Despite that, the weather was reasonable, many sunny spells, and also rain and wind. But it didn't stop us to move on.We are not very fast walkers, but someone we met said: it is not about quickness, but about getting there: and so it is.We have been in some very fine places and were often pleasantly surprised by the hospitality, the good food and warm beds...Also we enjoyed staying a day longer in Knighton and especially in Llangollen, where the house of the Ladies of Llangollen (Plas Newydd) impressed us. Also the priory in Llanthony, the Brecons route, the route along the canal near Montgomery, the Aquaduct, all known highlights: also for us.We met some very kind people who took us for a lift (when we were so wet we couldn't read our routenotes any more or a very kind piano teacher who put ons back into the right direction (the only time we really lost our way).We found the Path very well way marked, and were more than happy to reach Prestatyn the last day. That was a very long walk with lots of wind, but we made it.

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