177 miles of hills and valleys assuming you dont get lost or have to divert to accomodation along the way. Worth every step if not for the views but the local people you meet along the way. EVERYONE I meet offered help and assistance when asked and a smile of encouragement or a peice of cake seeming just at the moment they were needed most. This is not a trek for the feight hearted, the terrain is ardous at times and this should not be underetimated especially if you are carrying kit. Travelling in March I was VERY lucky at times to find accomodation and would advise anyone travelling at busy times to book in advance. The book is invaluable especially the maps but the recommened daily routes can be a bit short depending on your fitness levels and can almost certainly be missleading especially if your planning to stay at places like brompton Cross Roads because thats all it is, a cross roads. So best to plan ahead and not assume that just because its a recommened route to route its not a place to stop (in my opinion).Its definelty worth the effort and would recommened it but please dont underestimate the lack of faciltites along the way and the varied terrain as in the sapce of a few hours you can have your full thermals on, hat, gloves and water proofs to walking in your shorts and a tee shirt!!Best of luck and enjoy. Paul D

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