We (my wife (Sandra) and I) walked the trail over 12 consecutive days - although we did the first two miles from Sedbury Cliffs to Chepstow Bridge the afternoon before we properly started. We walked with day sacks (luggage transfer and accommodation arranged through the excellent Celtic Trails) so it was relatively easy going.
The weather was wonderful, warm, and sometimes hot, sunshine throughout and we accumulated the grand total of 3 spots of rain. The scenery is very varied ranging from ridge walks with expansive views to walks through and beside farmland, woods, tracks, riversides and a canal. Almost every day has elements of most of these, so it is a constantly changing and interesting walk. There are no dull moments - no parts of the walk where you are simply walking to get somewhere else - almost every step is wonderful.
I found it easier going than I had expected. The dry weather probably helped, although we did have to carry twice the amount of water that we normally would have. The hills are often quite steep, but none are really very long and the path is very well maintained and signposted.
Overall this is a fantastic walk. The walks is always pretty and very often beautiful. The dyke is often in view and the most wonderful feature of it, to my mind, is the incredible old oak trees that one often sees.

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