Maryport Has the ‘North-Western Most Classical Temple in the Roman World’

20th August 2013

An archaeological excavation team, led by Professor Ian Haynes and Tony Wilmott, has been peeling back the layers to better understand the environment in which the internationally famous Maryport altars were displayed in Roman times. This is the third year of a five year programme of excavation commissioned by the Senhouse Museum Trust with in-kind support from Newcastle University and the permission of the landowners the Hadrian's Wall Trust.

The 23 Roman altars dedicated to Jupiter and other Roman gods by the commanders of the Maryport fort provide information of international importance for the study of the Roman army and its religious practices. In some cases the career histories of the commanders can be established from the inscriptions on the altars, tracing their movements across the Roman Empire as they moved from posting to posting. The altars are now part of the display in the Senhouse Roman Museum

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