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Your guide to enjoying parks and waterways, coast and countryside

The Countryside isn’t just where you think it may be. It can be the rolling hills and wooded walks that many of us enjoy and love, but it is also much more! From urban parks, to our many waterways and coastlines, the great outdoors has something to offer everyone. So that we can all enjoy time spent in nature, it is important that we respect and protect our natural spaces.

The Countryside Code is an important tool to help us all feel confident in enjoying time outdoors, whilst knowing how to do that safely and respectfully. The Code can also help us all feel a sense of connection to our natural spaces and we are more likely to do the right thing when we do. More and more, we are realising the health benefits that spending time in nature brings us; getting outside has never been more important.

So whether you’re interested in finding a local park near you, or planning an adventure further afield, be sure to check the Countryside Code before you travel and discover some of the exciting resources we have available.

These are our spaces and this is our code

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The Countryside Code covers both England and Wales

The Code is jointly produced by Natural England and Natural Resources Wales

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The Countryside Code in Wales

Helpful advice and guidance for an enjoyable and safe trip to the outdoors


Take litter home - leave no trace of your visit.


Always keep dogs under control and in sight. Dog poo – bag it and bin it.

Plan Your Adventure

Know what to expect and what you can do.

Care for Nature

Do not cause damage or disturbance and leave no trace of your visit.

Livestock and Wildlife

Do not feed livestock, horses or wild animals as it can cause them harm.

Fire Aware

If in doubt don't light. BBQs and camp fires are only permitted in limited areas. Check first.

Horse Riders

Follow waymarkers and local signs. Other path users should give way to horse riders


Be nice, share the space with all users.


Follow waymarkers and local signs. Give way to pedestrians and horse riders.

Travel and Parking

Consider using public transport. Park with consideration by not blocking access points, driveways or accessible bays.


Be mindful of all users' needs and abilities whilst out and about.

Follow Local Signs

Get to know the signs and symbols used in the countryside.

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