Pennine Bridleway Circular and Linear Walks and Rides

If you're not looking for a long distance walk or ride but would like to enjoy the delights of the Trails then we have a superb selection of shorter circular and linear walks and rides.

Some routes are suitable for all trail users but some may be more suited to certain activities (for example due to start and end locations, surface conditions, types of rights of way followed).   Please refer to the relevant sections below to find the best routes for you.

Horse Riding Routes

Cycling Routes

Walking routes

The Pennine Bridleway Loops

The Pennine Bridleway includes two ‘loop’ sections: The Mary Towneley Loop (47 miles) and The Settle Loop (10 miles).  Both can be enjoyed as independent routes, or experienced when travelling end to end along the entire trail.  The routes are suitable for horse riding, cycling and walking.

Link routes connecting the Pennine Bridleway to other trails

There are a number of link routes which feed in to the Pennine Bridleway or connect the National Trail to other trail networks.  The routes are suitable for horse riding, cycling and walking.

Additional sources of information for circular walks and rides

Self-guided routes for horse riders in the Yorkshire Dales can be found here:

MTB routes in the Yorkshire Dales:

Miles without Stiles in the Yorkshire Dales:

BHS Ride Maps:

British Cycling ‘Let’s Ride’ Cycle Routes:

Eleven circular MTB routes are included in Keith Bradbury’s guide to the Pennine Bridleway in Lancashire and the Yorkshire Dales