Yorkshire Wolds Way

Report a problem on the Trail

We hope you enjoyed your experience of a National Trail, but if you didn't we want to hear about it.

If you encountered something that needs putting right please use the tool below to tell us where it is (using the map below) and what was wrong. Your report will be sent to the person managing the Trail who will get back to you if you provide an email address.

It's quick and easy to report a problem:

  • First use the map below to zoom into the artea of the trail where you spotted the problem.
  • Click on the map in as accurate a position as you can to mark where the issue lies.
  • When you click, a marker will be added to the map and a form will then appear below the map.
  • Complete the details of the problem in the form. You can also optionally add a photo.
  • Choose whether or not to also add your contact details for us to be able to contact you to find out more if required.
  • You can also tick the box to be kept informed of the outcome of the issue.