Young Sam's Yorkshire Wolds Way Adventure

10th December 2014

It is so uplifting in an age when we hear so much about children not exercising to discover the complete pleasure that Sam Jackson has been getting out of walking the Yorkshire Wolds Way with his dad Adam.  Sam is just 6 years old.  He likes football and Beavers and he definitely likes walking!

Dad Adam takes up the story

"Sam has always walked - he was doing 6 mile hikes when he was 3 and has always loved the adventure. He never complains and is always looking around, taking in the surroundings.
We started walking the Yorkshire Wolds Way in September in Hessle (a few miles from home). I have to admit that it was my idea (and I have always wanted to walk it, I have been walking parts of the route for the past 30 years). Sam was very excited at the prospect and even more so early Sunday morning at Hessle Foreshore. We planned on walking 8 mile stretches every Sunday. We have had to miss a few weekends due to my work commitments and various other events but never due to the weather. In fact we have been extremely lucky so far, one day of rain and another very cold one but other than that nice and sunny.

A friend of ours is in the Army and recently flew out to Sierra Leone to assist in the Ebola crisis. His children are in Sam's school and Sam was very upset that their dad had to leave. He asked about Ebola and became very concerned about the African people affected. He wanted to know what was being done for them - never mind containment, what was being done to comfort the victims and their families within the containment area? I suggested that Sam could get sponsored for completing the Yorkshire Wolds Way and send anything he raised to help the West Africans affected by Ebola. We set a modest goal of £100 and exceeded that in a week. Sams JustGiving page is now at £237 with another £40 in cash. He gets so excited every time someone donates.  Sam Jackson is fundraising on JustGiving for GlobalGiving

We have reached Staxton Hill and from what I can tell we have about 11 miles to go. We have booked our caravan into Bridlington Caravan Site for the weekend of the 12th December and will be getting dropped off back on top of Staxton Hill early on the Saturday morning. Our packs will be full of warm clothes and snacks. Map and compass in hand and our dog Meg by our side and we will set off for the last long leg. Neither of us want it to be over. We have loved every step. Sam keeps asking what we are going to do next. Who knows?

Sam's mum, Hiatt and 4 year old sister Annabel will be meeting us 3 miles from Filey to walk the last bit with us. They have done that regularly throughout and I am sure Annabel will be joining us on one of our next challenges. They have been absolute troopers - driving up into the Wolds early Sunday mornings to drop us off and then spending the day entertaining themselves before picking us up again at the agreed finish point. Huge thanks to them.

We are very, very proud of Sam. It is a huge achievement for such a young guy. He loves hiking and has promised that when he is 20 he will walk the Pacific Crest Trail with me (3000 miles plus on the West coast of America) and I fully intend to hold him to that. I hope that the Yorkshire Wolds Way and it's beautiful backdrop will instil into Sam a lifelong love of getting out there and just walking."

So thanks Adam for that update.  You are right to be proud of Sam.  It is a superb achievement.

It would be great if our some of our Yorkshire Wolds Way enthusiasts can support Sam with a donation to his Just Giving Page for the fight against Ebola.  Such a worthy cause.

Well done Sam!


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Sam Jackson with a Mile post
Sam Jackson strides out on the Yorkshire Wolds Way
Sam Jackson at the Yorkshire Wolds Way half way point
Sam and Adam Jackson set off on the Yorkshire Wolds Way