A walk down Memory Lane

4th November 2016

Here at National Trails, we’ve partnered with Joules to support their latest Welly Walks campaign. The campaign aims to get families, dog walkers and novice ramblers to take advantage of the walks in their local area.

Melissa Wilson pulled on her wellies and took a stroll around the Welton Wander (part of the Wolds Way trail) in East Yorkshire:

The Welton Wander trail is, quite literally, a walk down memory lane for me. I’ve grown up nearby this route since I was born and made many visits at different stages in my life. Walking it today, I still feel as excited and curious as I did the first time.

Being ever so lucky as to live on the doorstep of the Wolds Way, we won’t go more than a couple of weekends without heading out for a stroll to appreciate our beautiful surroundings and everything the great outdoors has to offer. Recently, we can’t take our first step on the walk without a big flask of hot coffee and a couple of sausage butties wrapped up in our rucksack – the best treat to enjoy perched on a bench, on a breezy Sunday morning. The Welton Wander is a particular favourite in our household due to its shorter length – allowing us to fit it in even on a busier weekend. The Green Dragon pub and its delicious offerings also greets us at the finish line.

As we walk up to the entrance of Welton Dale at the beginning of the walk, I’m greeted with childhood memories of days when the snow had fallen heavily and I would be tugging my sledge along, ready to descend the steep Welton Dale hills - wearing an all-in-one and snow boots that my Mum had insisted were absolutely necessary. Today, I’m wearing much comfier walking attire – my favourite Joules gilet and my new pair of Joules Wellies. For shorter walks, I always insist on wearing wellies. They clean with the hose after a walk so easily and are a bit less sore on the eye than a chunky pair of walking boots (for the fashion conscious side of me!). This particular pair are cushioned in all the right places and are possibly the comfiest out of all my pairs.

Wooded areas are plentiful on this walk, allowing for refreshing shade on a summers trip. On days similar to this one, they help to make the dull mornings a little bit darker, evoking a strange feeling of security (probably from an approaching downpour, over anything else!). As we pass through the woods, sheltered by an array of different types of foliage, I remember times of foraging for perfect little fallen pine cones that we would take home and hang from the Christmas tree, using brightly coloured ribbon or attaching them to the wreath on our front door with some florist wire.

Whilst on the walk, we pass groups of different people. Some walking in groups of five or six, families with small children, runners, cyclists and the odd solo dog walker. Every single person we pass offers a friendly “hello” and being the ultimate dog lovers, we always stop to fuss any willing dog and have a chat with their owners. Looking forward to future walks, we hope to get our own dogs, with the Welton Wander (or at least part of it) becoming a daily routine for us.


Inspired by Melissa’s experience? Why not put on your wellies and head outside on your nearest walk!



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