A view across the river from the Thames Path

Volunteer Tasks

Get Involved
Once you have joined the National Trails Volunteer scheme you can join us on as many of the following tasks as you like, just call or email to book onto any task in an area that suits you:

Out on the Trail

  • Mowing -  Turn up and we’ll supply the mowers.
  • Strimming and brush cutting – Using Stihl Strimmers in the areas where we can’t use the mowers.
  • Scrub clearance – Using hand tools to trim back hedges, and polesaws for areas that are overhanging.
  • Drainage works – Digging out the drainage grips which help to remove water along The Thames Path.
  • Pothole repair works - Along The Thames Path on the areas that have limestone surfaces.
  • Installing new gates – Replacing the tow path gates when they reach the end of their lives on the river bank.
  • Signage works – Installing new waymarking posts and wooden signposts that have been damaged.
  • Information boards – Installing the new frames for the Information boards along The Thames Path.

In the Workshop

  • Woodworking – Help make our information boards and our signposts.
  • Machine maintenance – Help us repair and service all our mowers and polesaws.

In the Office

  • Admin tasks  – If you fancy a chance to come into the office and help out with the administration of the Trails.

All really good fun !

 Volunteers monitors adopt a 2-3 mile section of a Trail, walk it once a month and report back any problems such as overhanging branches, bank erosion, encroaching vegetation etc.

To join us download the Volunteer Information pack found here


Monitoring Task - Reporting areas of flooding
Monitoring Task - Reporting path erosion
Montoring Task - Reporting damage to fencing
Monitoring Task - Looking out for erosion


Mowing the verges on the Thames Path
Strimming on Fiddler's Island, Oxford
Waymarking the Thames Path
Building Grafton Footbridge on the Thames Path