Walk on Water with Discovering Britain

24th September 2014

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) has just launched three brand new walks around London's waterways as part of its prestigious Discovering Britain series of geographical walks. Between just two and three and a half miles long, each is designed to introduce you to a new part of the city or find new stories in familiar places.

Mess about on the river near Hampton Court and discover a picturesque stretch of water made famous in Three Men in a Boat. This gentle 3.5 mile stroll between Kingston and Molesey will introduce you to the geographical characteristics of the non-tidal Thames - its flows and floods, its islands and meanders - as you Ebb and Flow along the water’s edge.

Walking on Water traces the capital’s underground water in a 2.5 mile walk from Islington to Blackfriars. Discover the unseen, subterranean waterways under your feet. See familiar streets and neighbourhoods with fresh eyes. Find out how to read signs of water in the streetscapes around you.

Trains and Boats and Planes invites you to explore a little known section of the Thames at North Woolwich. Once a boggy remote marsh in Kent, it became the industrial heart of the world’s largest port. Today the riverside and Royal Docks are changing again. This 2.5 mile walk tells their story of boom, decline and revival. All the walks are free to download at www.discoveringbritain.org

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