Take a Walk alongside the River Thames through London

28th September 2017

The Thames Path National Trail offers a choice of walking routes through London either side of the River Thames from Teddington to Island Gardens opposite Greenwich.  The south and north bank have green stretches and pass fascinating historic and cultural sites. Walk along one side of the river, with excellent public transport links to return to your start, or make your own circular walk crossing from one bank to the other using one of the 8 bridges that span the Thames. Maps and route directions can be downloaded from Transport for London's website. Soak up the atmosphere along the Thames where Turner, Dickens and Wordsworth found inspiration. The Thames Path connects these iconic sites - Tate Britain, the Houses of Parliament, St Paul's Cathedral, Tate Modern, Tower of London, the National Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe and Southwark Cathedral as the river threads through the capital. Whichever route you take there's an enormous amount to see and to visit. On our website you’ll find route descriptions and you can use our distance calculator to check out the distance you’d like to walk. When you've had a taste of what the Trail offers through London, perhaps you’d like to walk the whole of the Thames Path....see Windsor, Oxford and the water meadows upstream?

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City of London looking downstream, evening light - Steve Tabbitt
Thames Path National Trail plaque surrounded by autumn leaves - Steve Tabbitt