Huge Efforts Keep the Trail Open

20th March 2017

Along the southern sections of the river in Oxford, the river has eroded the bank and undermined the Trail. Moving the Trail away from its current location was not an option as the land sits lower than the trail and so drainage and flooding would have presented yet further issues for us. Sheet piling revetment works were needed to stabilise the river bank and prevent erosion.These sheet piling revetment works are off-set with some bio-engineering including pre-planted coir rolls of riparian vegetation which in time will allow the bank to vegetate, providing habitat for wildlife as well as assisting with limiting future erosion and flooding. Since the summer, revetment works have been on-going along numerous locations where the River Thames passes through Oxford City.

Unfortunately such works have to take place when water levels are low and the ground is dry enough which generally means during the summer. This can mean long route diversions when contractors are working along the Thames. The works have been overseen by Skanska and we negotiated with them to ensure that public access would be possible during the very busy Thames summer season, whilst also ensuring public safety at all times. We are pleased to report that there was minimum disruption along the trail in Oxford throughout the summer.

Further works are planned throughout this coming summer.

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Revetment works in progress along the Thames in Oxford
Revetment works completed