All Eyes on the Thames

13th June 2014

The producer for the ITV programme “Wild Britain with Ray Mears” asked the National Trails Office to advise on good places to find wild life along the Thames Path.   National Trails volunteer Dick Mayon-White suggested Chimney Meadows as the volunteer teams who go there for mowing and winter clearance often find something worth seeing. Then came the request for a place with kingfishers. 

'Luckily I had seen a pair of kingfishers near Buscot when monitoring the Thames Path up to Lechlade. I found that they had a nest that could be seen easily from the path. 

As a result, I was asked to guide Ray Mears and a film crew around West Oxfordshire, starting at 6 am on a sunny May morning. The Thames was at its loveliest, with masses of buttercups in the meadows. The skill, knowledge and patience used to capture wildlife on camera were impressive.  Which scenes will make it onto the TV screen in September: the flash of kingfisher blue, a water vole swimming across the Thames, a heron preening its wings while posed on a gate-post, wild orchids, or a swan carrying a cygnet on its back?  It is fun to share the joys of the Thames Path with a wide audience!'
Dick Mayon-White

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White swan glides through calm waters of the Thames - Richard Mayon-White