A view across the river from the Thames Path

Water, water... but maybe not everywhere...

20th January 2014

Dear Old Father Thames continues to exert his influence over the fields and properties close to the River as well as the Thames Path.  Although at the time of writing this on Monday morning, not much more rain is currently forecast for the coming few days, it is likely that the flooding will continue for some time to come.

This year the Trails Team has not only seen flooding in the areas that usually experience it but also in areas where no flooding has been seen for the last seven years.  Therefore even though you may be an experienced walker, or have lived near the River for many years, please take care when you're enjoying the Trail.

Walking through flood water is dangerous on many counts; there are new currents in the water as it swirls across the Trail; the depth of the flood water can suddenly change due to the changes in the ground levels beneath the water; and, the edge of the main river channel is often not visible beneath the flood water.

If you would like to go for a walk during the next few weeks, why not enjoy the sights and delights of our sister trail, The Ridgeway?  For more information follow this link to The Ridgeway National Trail website.

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Flood water covers the Thames Path, at Iffley, Oxford