A view across the river from the Thames Path

A troubled bridge in flood water

27th January 2014

Although the flood waters have started to drop they are still causing a danger and problem to walkers on many stretches of the Trail.  We have already been told about a few bridges and sections of the river bank that have been damaged by the flood waters and our volunteer monitors will report others after their usual monthly checks.  However if you are able to safely enjoy the Trail and notice any problems caused by the flood waters or otherwise please let us know. 

Unfortunately due to the condition of the ground needed to cross to access the bridges and other problem areas it may be a while before the problems you report to us can be fixed.  In addition, depending on the type of work, if may be necessary to obtain the consent of the Environment Agency before works can start on the ground, and the EA have up to 3 months to issue that consent.

If you do encounter any problems on the Trail please tell us via an email to nationaltrails@oxfordshire.gov.uk or complete the enquiry form on the contacts page. It helps us to resolve the problems if you can give us as much detail as possible including a location, ideally a grid reference, and a photograph.

Thanks in advance for your reports.

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A wooden footbridge deep in water, no footpath visible