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Sponsor a Tow Path Gate or Sign Post on the Thames

9th November 2015

You may have noticed as you walk up and down the Thames how few stiles there are – we only have 2 left in the upper reaches. That's because working with our Volunteers we have successfully persuaded our landowners of the merits of a good self-closing gate that is well installed.  In addition we have been charged with the task of maintaining all the tow path gates along the Thames – that’s a lot of gates!. These gates are all maintained by our volunteer scheme.

We do receive a lot of requests to install benches along the Thames but most parks and locks already have benches and because of flooding issues unfortunately some areas are unsuitable.

However,  instead we would like to offer the opportunity for you to sponsor one of our tow path gates. The gate could be the start or finish of your favourite walk or  it could be on or near a location on the Thames that is special to you – we’d love to hear the story.

To sponsor a tow path gate we would ask for a one off donation of £250, this money will go towards the running costs of our Volunteer scheme, buying in new gates, installing them, and maintaining existing gates. On the river bank,  the ground constantly moves around our tow path gates so our volunteers are constantly out making the necessary adjustments.

Alternatively for a donation of £150 you might be interested to sponsor one of our signposts. The sustainable green oak is sourced locally to the Thames, we then dry out the oak for a season in our work shop, then our volunteers shape sign post fingers, engrave the lettering, paint it,  finally installing the signpost on the Thames Path.

 We will create a plaque with the name of the person (or, if you prefer, another name) who is sponsoring the tow path gate or signpost and the date when it was sponsored. Our volunteers will then install the plaque.  The sponsorship will last for 25 years.

If you are interested in these  sponsorshipp opportunities  please email us on thames.path@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Let us know the location you would be interested in. If you don’t have a specific location then we can nominate one for you.

Once we get the plaque installed,  we’ll send you a photo of your gate or signpost

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Thames Path signs made by our volunteers
Large mobility kissing gate installed by our volunteers