A view across the river from the Thames Path

Another watery update

4th February 2014

Last week I was suggesting that the flood waters were beginning to recede and, with caution, you could start to enjoy the Thames Path again.  However with the amount of rain that has fallen over the weekend, especially over the upper reaches of the River, it's likely that many sections of the Trail will be underwater again during the next few days as the latest rain works its way through the drainage system and into the River.

So unfortunately this message is a repeat of earlier messages – walking through flood water is dangerous.  Please do not walk through flood water as you cannot see the path’s edge or river channel and could easily fall into the water; there will be unusual and new currents within the flood water which can wash you off your feet; and flood waters carry debris which can knock you over or carry disease. Flood warnings and alerts can be found online at the Environment Agency website. They will not show the state of the Trail but may indicate where vulnerable areas are:

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