Take care and stay safe

8th January 2014

Stay safe and away from the shoreline and cliff edges if you're out on the Coast Path! Although the storms are exciting to watch, the high waves and increased risk of cliff failure  can make this very dangerous.

So if you do go out on the path, to prevent putting youirself and the emergency services at risk, please avoid low-lying sections of path, that are within reach of waves - the spray can contain rocks and other debris, and if a particularly big wave hits you, it can sweep you into the sea. The saturated ground conditions along with wave action makes cliff falls much more likely and so you should stay away from cliff edges.

Further advice can be found on the SWCP website's Safety on the Coast Path page. 

If you are out and come across a cliff fall that affects the path please contact the relevant County Council to report it, giving a precise a location as possible. The contact numbers are:

  • Devon County Council: 0845 155 1015 (office hours) - 01392 383329 (out of hours emergencies)
  • Cornwall Council: 0300 1234 222
  • Dorset Council: 01305 221020 (office hours) - 0845 0678 999 (out of office hours emergencies)
  • Exmoor: 01398 323665

To report other damage to the Coast Path that is not causing a hazard, please use the SWCP website's Problem Reporting form.

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