Tour of Britain comes to the South Downs Way

7th August 2014

This years Tour of Britain road cycle race is coming to the South Downs for its final stage. It is due to be in the South Downs on Saturday 13th September. The route will take it up near Beachy Head at Eastbourne and will then meet the SDW again as it crosses the route at the summit of Ditching Beacon. At Eastbourne the Tour will not directly effect the SDW but it is expected that there wil be large numbers of spectators in the area. However as the Tour comes over Ditching Beacon the route crosses the Trail. This meens that for a few minutes as the cyclists pass you will not be able to cross the Ditchling road. Please also be aware that Ditchling Beacon road will be closed for most of the day and expect the Ditching area to be extremely busy. The Tour of Britain is scheduled to pass Ditchling Beacon at about 3pm.

The SDW will make great vantage points to view this exciting cycle race and is a great way to cycle to see the race without getting stuck in your car. However if you are looking for a quiet county walk you better avoid the SDW around Eastbourne and Ditchling on Saturday 13th September.

For further details about the race including the stage routes, visit the officalTour of Britain website here.

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