South Downs Way arrives on Google Street View

4th March 2015

Parts of the South Downs Way are now available to view though Googles Street View service. StreetView used to only be available on roads, but now Google have condensed their equipment to fit in a backpack and be carried along off-road trails.  Google captured part of the SDW last summer as a pilot to capturing more of Britain’s great countryside. The captured imagery was published last week.

You can how see 360 degree views from anywhere along the South Downs Way between Beachy Head near Eastbourne travelling anti-clockwise around the bridleway route to Alfriston. Plans are now underway to capture all of the 15 National Trails in the coming years. It is hoped that further sections of the South Downs Way will be captured later this year in the autumn.

Take a look here

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Google street view of the start of the SDW
Google Street View of Beachy Head
Google Street View near Windover hill