SDW becomes accessable to all with the Ibex wheelchair carriage

19th January 2016

This morning we had a demonstration of the Ibex wheelchair carriage developed by Simon Mulholland of Pony Access. The ibex was tested by a couple of very happy residents from the Bevern Trust in Barcome. This carriage has been specifically designed and built to carry one disabled person. This means that it is classed as an invalid carriage and can legally use any right of way that it can access. The Ibex can fit though a standard bridleway gate and therefore the whole of the SDW from Eastbourne to Winchester is now fully accessable to all.

Many people have completed the SDW in motorised Tramper wheelchairs in the past, but the users of these vehicles still need to be physically fit and be able to balance. The beauty of the Ibex carriage is that any wheelchair can be carried in the carriage. So this truely means anyone can access the SDW and enjoy the fresh air and stunnig views along the trail.

Simon is now plannig to take the ibex carriage the whole length of the SDW in the summer to allow as many people as possible to experience our stunning countryside.

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Pony access ibex wheelchair carriage - SDNPA
Mark ridding in the ibex - SDPNA
The ibex wheelchair carriage on SDW - SDNPA
Simon Mulholland and his ibex wheelchair carriage - SDNPA