Logjam cleared on SDW

24th July 2015

Part of the SDW walkers route near Exton / Corhampton in the Meon Valley in Hampshire has been cleared of a very large logjam. Between Corhampton and the Meon Valley Trail the SDW walkers route runs along the banks of a fast flowing winterbourne chalk stream. This ancient wooded stream bed had become dammed with woody debris which Last winter caused the stream to back up and flow down the walked route next to the stream.

The stream only runs in winter and spring, so by taking advantage of the dry summer period has allowed us to clear all of the large logjam from the stream bed. A full days work for the team saw tonnes of dead wood removed from the stream. Hopefully the water will flow in the stream instead of down the path this winter!

Some woody debris in streams can be great for wildlife, especially invertebrates, so being too tidy is often not the best policy, but in this case the damage being caused and access problems created meant that we had to remove the blockage. There is however still plenty of dead wood around.

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The Logjam near Corhampton this spring before clearance - SDNPA
The cleared stream bed - SDNPA
One of the 4 piles of debris removed from the stream - SDNPA