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14th September 2016

The summer holidays may be over for most, but the weather continues to be lovely. Many people will have completed the SDW over the summer or will be finishing in the coming weeks. Others take this opportunity to get out on the trail now the schools are back but the weather remains fine. Actually end of summer and early autumn is a great time to enjoy the SDW. Conditions are usually very good and autumn flowers such as Devil’ Bit Scabious or if your lucky Autumn Ladies Tresses will be out in flower.

So for those that have recently completed the trail or those that hope to over the autumn, here are some suggestions.

  • You can apply for a free certificate of completion. All we ask is that you give us some feedback. Complete our feedback questionnaire here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/southdownsway?sm=Ms8NUS64F39lueUyARjnv77%2bpQgOVO8f9PY9LOgUS%2bo%3d
  • If you’ve loved your time on the trail, please consider giving us a donation to help us maintain and improve the SDW. All of this website and much of what we do on the trail is not a statutory duty of councils or government. You can donate by clicking the tab at the top right of any page of the website or click the link here http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/south-downs-way/donate
  • Why not also help maintain this website and the trail by purchasing a souvenir or stock up on Christmas presents early! We have badges, mugs, old SDW signpost fingers, new souvenir signpost fingers, posters and cards. A new SDW specific signed print by Kelly Hall will be available very shortly, as will some recycled oak signposts turned into candle holders. Do take a look at what’s available from the National Trails shop at http://shop.nationaltrail.co.uk/
  • Finally, why not start planning your next adventure on one of our other stunning National Trails.

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SDW Certificate - SDNPA
SDW cloth badge
SDW mug - Walk Unlimited ltd.
SDW poster in progress by Kelly Hall - Kelly Hall Designs Ltd