Geocaching is a free, fun way to explore new places or to take a different look at places you already know. It’s a bit like a high-tech treasure hunt that anyone can join.

There are over 2 million geocaches hidden all over the world and the number rises every day. Looking for geocaches takes you on a journey of discovery, often taking you to places you didn’t know existed. All you need is a GPS enabled phone or a handheld GPS device. Find out more at

Geocaching on the South Downs Way

All the National Trails have geocaches hidden along them. Looking for them will take you to some of the best views and most stunning landscapes the Trails have to offer. We’d love to have geocaching trails on the South Downs Way, if you want to create one or know of one that already exists please let us know.

National Trail Geocoins

Each Trail has a number of lovely National Trail geocoins. Some have already been released. More will be released annually in July to mark the start of the summer holidays and National Trail Geocaching weekend. Keep a look out for the coins and remember to check their mission. If you can please help them on their journey. Some of them will want to stay on their home Trail, others will be trying to visit other Trails and some will want to go much further afield.

South Downs Geotour

The South Downs Way is part of England's first Geotour. The South Downs Geotour was launched on 31st March 2015 and is a collection of 30 Geocaches hidden across the South Downs. To play you can download a Geotour Passport from the South Downs National Park and get points for every cache you find. You also earn points for eating locally, staying in sustainable accommodation and travelling by bus, train and bike. When you have enough you can claim your special silver and gold souvenir geocoins created for us by Pulse 72.”

The tour is made up of 30 sites in the National Park across Hampshire, East and West Sussex. As well as the usual log book and small trinkets to trade each cache will also include ideas for things to do and see whilst you’re in the area.

The South Downs GeoTour joins 50 others around the globe hosted by national parks, visitor bureaux or local communities. More than six million people in 180 countries are already playing.

Download the South Downs GeoTour passport here