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31st July 2015

I can't believe its Friday again. The weeks fly by so quickly!

Last weekend was the Oxfam Trailwalker event in which several hundred teams of walkers and some runners walked from Queen Elizabeth Country Park to Brighton 100km to the east. Most walked though the night along the South Downs Way. Well done to everyone that completed this tough challenge, including one of our own Rangers here. Monday for many was spent recovering! I however spent much of Monday strimming nettles from along the SDW and around an area where we are creating a new wild flower meadow. A large area of unused land next to the A26 bridge at Itford Farm in East Sussex is slowly being transformed from a nettle and thistle field into a wild flower meadow to delight both SDW users and wildlife. The site forms an important stepping stone across the Ouse valley for many species. It's a long process though, taking several years of cutting, spraying, scrapping the top soil off and reseeding. I'll Keep you updated with progress.

I also had some visitors from South Korea. they came to visit me from the Korean National Park Service to learn how we have established and now maintain the SDW. I learnt that they have 21 National Parks in Korea, the newest is just 3 years old and it's here that they want to create a new trail. It's always good to meet fellow countryside rangers or trail managers from around the world. It's also amazing how similar our ambitions and our difficulties are no matter how different the circumstances or cultures. I hope to keep in touch with them. Koreans love walking and outdoor recreation. Their parks and trails are stunning, so if you ever get the chance do go and visit, I certainly will.

The weekend weather is looking good, so get out and enjoy it.

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