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Google Trekker has arrived

12th November 2015

I can’t believe how quick this last week has speed by.

There has been some excitement in the office though. We are currently working with Google to capture ‘Street-view’ images of all the National Trails through their Trekker project. Some parts of the SDW have already been captured and published following a pilot in the summer of 2014. However this week several rather large and quite heavy containers arrived from Google containing all the trekker equipment. It is basically a computer with a sphere of 15 cameras on top and some ruck sack straps. It weighs 25kg and has to be worn whilst walking the whole SDW!

So in a few months time you’ll be able to see all of the SDW in full 360 degree views from anywhere along the route. This is a great resource, not as some might say so you can walk the SDW from your arm chair, but more so you can see what the trail is actually like before embarking on a trip or just to bring back memories of walks or rides past. All we need now is some dry weather. Rain drops do not look good on photos!

Here is the last of the final trio of poems from our poet in residence Lizzie Ballagher. I hope you enjoy it. Don’t despair though all you Lizzie fans, as there may well be a poem or two I’ve missed along the way and I might just republish my favourite. So it may not be the last of lizzie’ work you read.



III         Two Walkers


The path delivers us, worn weary

With all the walking, down the last long hopper

Of the rolling trail. And so we are harvested

Earthy as rough grain

From the wind & rain of the track.


We are come to the end of a pilgrimage.

We are come home, come back.


Now buffeted & footsore

We are refined like wheat,

Sifted like fine white flour,

Now shaking the dust from our coats, our feet.

Worn, yes, but reborn on reaching


The end of the long southern ridge:

The end of our South Downs pilgrimage.


© Lizzie Ballagher

If you liked Lizzie’ poem you can read more of her poetry on her own blog at

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