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2nd June 2016

Spring is always busy, but this spring has seemed much busier than normal. Much has already been achieved and exciting projects are yet to come.

We’ve completed some big improvement projects in the last few weeks including track stabilisation works through Pyecombe Golf Course, track improvement works near Jack & Jill Windmills in Clayton, and track regrading works near Jevington. It takes a lot of organising and money to resurface tracks (about £50 a metre), but just as important are the little things. Things such as beechwood dowel and glue to hold the oak fingers into the posts.

We have also been going through an organisational restructure at the National Park Authority and I’ve moved office (within the same building). It’s also the time of year when I have to report on last year’s progress, submit grant claims, trail condition and monitoring reports and end of year reports as well at putting together the budget for the new year.

One thing that is certain is that we need to find ways of making our funding go further or ways of bringing in new funding. We do get some donations from the public and from organised challenge events which is incredibly useful. However I’m always looking at other options as well. Our great on-line shop is going from strength to strength and slowly starting to stock more trail related products.

We now have SDW mugs and SDW cloth badges with make great souvenir items. We have also been selling some old SDW oak fingers from old signposts that have been replaced. These are truly unique and sold out in days. Don’t worry though, you can buy new souvenir oak fingers and we will bring batches of original old fingers to the shop when we have replaced them on the trail.

I have also teamed up with a local artist Kelly Hall to sell some of her existing vintage style travel posters of iconic locations and towns along the South Downs. More exciting though Kelly is working on a new bespoke SDW trail poster, which we hope will be available mid-summer. Do check out Kelly’s work and the other items on offer in the shop now. All profits go back into maintaining both this website and the trail itself. You can visit the shop at

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Completed track regrading at Jevington
Kelly Hall' "Sussex" poster
New SDW cloth badge
SDW mug