Volunteer opportunity

19th December 2017

VOLUNTEER VACANCY FILLED - we found a great new volunteer!

We are a busy, friendly team looking for a volunteer who has an interest in the countryside, gets on well with different people and has great minute-taking skills.

We need a volunteer who can commit to attending 9 meetings spread throughout the year, usually on a Monday and always during the day. They need to drive to and from various meeting venues along The Ridgeway National Trail. The ideal person is someone who will find our meeting discussions interesting, enjoys minute-taking, has an ear and eye for detail, is an organised person, enjoys typing up and refining Word documents and doesn’t mind driving up to 40 miles to get to and from a meeting venue.

Being a volunteer with us has prestige – lots of people in this country and abroad recognise and care about National Trails. There are 15 National Trails in England and Wales, plus the England Coast Path which is currently under development, and they are funded by national government to offer world class walking, cycling and horse riding opportunities through parts of the UK’s most attractive countryside.

Discussions at our meetings are varied and interesting. The National Trail Team organise physical repair and improvements to The Ridgeway, co-ordinate events, liaise with tourism businesses, lead ecological and historic projects and more. The Team works with organisations such as the Chiltern Society, North Wessex Downs AONB, CLA, British Horse Society, Ramblers etc. Our newsletter is a great place to get a flavour of our current work too: www.nationaltrail.co.uk/ridgeway/news. The Ridgeway Partnership is a group of organisations overseeing the management of the Trail and the Partnership holds 9 meetings a year to shape the future of The Ridgeway.

This volunteer opportunity starts from 1st April 2018, when our current volunteer retires after helping us for 4 years.

For full details about the volunteer opportunity, please go to the national volunteering website: https://do-it.org/opportunities/c9084e1b-08c0-4e1a-9b50-33ea810e7133

To apply for the role, please email the Ridgeway Officer, Sarah Wright: sarah.wright@oxfordshire.gov.uk. Thanks.

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