Ridgeway byway near Avebury NOT open to vehicles as usual from 1st May

26th April 2019

The Ridgeway through the World Heritage Site near Avebury will NOT open to the public driving cars and motorbikes this summer - usually people can drive on this part of the Trail from 1st May to 30th September. Wiltshire Council have organised a closure of this stretch of Byway Open to All Traffic to allow surface repair work to be carried out.

The closure affects The Ridgeway from Hackpen Hill to just north of the parking area adjacent to the A4 at Overton Hill (the Trail between the A4 northwards to the connecting byway Avebury 5 will be open for public access as usual). Wiltshire Council has produced a map showing the extent of the affected stretch and this map can be downloaded from this webpage - two green dots on the map mark the extent of The Ridgeway closed to vehicles.

Walkers, cyclists, horse riders and horse and carriage drivers are not affected by the closure at all - they can continue to use the route at all times. 

Over the years, the wheels of motor vehicles have rutted the byway surface to such an extent that the Trail is difficult to use and archaeological features have suffered damage. The Trail Team regularly receive complaints about the surface in the World Heritage Site and have been working with Wiltshire Council and others over the years to monitor the condition of the surface and identify suitable repair techniques.

Notices of the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) are out on display along the affected stretch of The Ridgeway to inform the public of the closure, including a map showing what part of The Ridgeway is closed to vehicles. Cars and motorbikes seen driving along this section of The Ridgeway this summer should be reported to the police for them to deal with - please do not confront the drivers.

For more information about this closure, see Wiltshire Council's press release: www.wiltshire.gov.uk/news/articles/repair-works-to-ridgeway-national-trail

For more information about driving cars or motorbikes or other mechanically propelled vehicles on The Ridgeway within and beyond the World Heritage Site, please see this web article: www.nationaltrail.co.uk/ridgeway/news/driving-ridgeway-and-what-do-if-you-see-illegal-activity


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